Lucky Cowgirl corrals customers in Kilgore since 2010 

Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2012 in Kilgore News Herald


In late 2010, Lynda David took the first steps to fulfill her dream. Her own fashion boutique, The Lucky Cowgirl, was opened. David had considered opening her own business since 2005, after she earned her “doing business as” title.  “I had this dream that I wanted my own boutique,” said David. “It took me a long time to decide to open a store. I decided, now or never.”  Lucky Cowgirl got its start at the rear of Kilgore Travel. David said the business was there for about a month before downtown storeowner Mary Morse, owner of Mary’s Makins, approached David and offered a new location.  David jumped on the opportunity and soon set to remodel her new location.  David said Morse has offered help and advice since the move. “Mary has been a great mentor,” said David.  “Everybody downtown is great. They’re all good neighbors.”  Since the boutique’s opening, David’s plan was to start small and grow as she gained business. As a native of Kilgore, David chose to open shop here.  “I wanted the boutique in Kilgore,” said David.  “This is my hometown.”

Owning a business does not come without difficulties.  In her two years of shop ownership, David has faced her own problems.  “The uncertainty of what can happen is difficult,” said David. “ That effects how you look at your business and market yourself.”  Nevertheless, David and her family have been able to push through difficult times.  “We’ve survived,” said David. “We’re blessed to have made it.”

David is the business and marketing director at Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO).  Because of this, she is only able to work at the boutique on Saturdays. David’s mother manages the boutique on weekdays in her place. Occasionally, David’s daughter works as well.  In order to learn more about surviving with a business, David attended Small Business Development Center seminars with Kilgore College. “It was great,” said David.  “They were very helpful.”  The SBDC is a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Association. SBDC’s goal is to aid entrepreneurs with knowledge for business decisions and ownership.  “I’ve implemented a lot of the things from the seminars into my business,” said David. “I think it’s a must for anybody who owns a business.”  For more information about KC SBDC, visit the website: To learn more about the Lucky Cowgirl Boutique, contact David by phone: 903-984-8160, or email:, or visit the website: